Roslin community planters: A first step towards a community garden in the village

Press Release

ACTIVITY: Roslin Community garden team – new planters
DATE: Summer 2021
VENUE: Main Street, Roslin

Volunteers at Roslin Community Garden had a wonderful Saturday morning setting up the first Community growing planters in Roslin! Check them out (and the lovely signs!) just near the phone box at the corner of Station Rd and Main Rd.

We had cake, music and lots of lovely people stopping by to have a chat and find out more.

Super nice first step, planting out fragrant herbs as well as some salad, kale, and flowering plants. Feel free to have a look and to water them with some H2O 🙂!

We look forward to a nice planning and dreaming session for the next steps in a few weeks!

Interested in getting more involved and sharing some of the vision? Get in touch and jump on board 🙂. Plenty of space for new people, new dreams and community energy!

Francesco Benvenuti and Anne Hyatt, who are co-ordinating the Community Garden, want to see as many people as possible join the group.

“Everybody can get involved in their local outdoor spaces. They are a shared resource and a shared responsibility. From the smallest individual action to a national campaign, every contribution helps! ”

If you are keen to learn new skills, improve your local environment, and have fun at the same time, please email,  message our Facebook page ( with your email, or drop a note at Rosslyn Bowling Club for our attention, and we will be in touch.